The importance of interconnectivity

Office 365 powering interconnectivity

How long does it take you to get to work? How long does it take to get home? According to the TUC analysis of the Office for National Statistics the average worker spends a massive 5 weeks a year commuting. In today's fast paced world we hate to waste time and this can make the commute frustrating. 

In order to gain a competitive advantage it is vital for business professionals to have their finger on the pulse and with modern technology we can utilise every moment of our day to this end. Imagine users able to access their business information wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. Now stop imagining because with Microsoft technology it is reality! A frustrating commute can be a thing of the past.

Exchange Online offers a complete hosted email system, including shared calendars and contacts with device based access. The train or bus journey becomes a new world of possibilities. That half an hour can be a chance to catch up on emails, plan the coming week or even IM your early bird work colleague to put the kettle on. With simultaneous syncing you need never arrive at meetings late and out of breath because you left your diary at home. Meetings can be shared and notifications pushed straight to your mobile or tablet.

With web conferencing facilities, cutting your holiday short to attend that unavoidable meeting is not necessary, one click and you are in the room. Lync Online is the unified messaging, voice, web conferencing and presence solution that makes it all possible.

By harnessing Office 365 across multiple platforms you tap into the power of interconnectivity and by doing so increase your productivity. What did you do during your commute today? With all these possibilities what will you do tomorrow? We would love to hear your thoughts.