Microsoft's getting more mobile ready

Technical wizards will no doubt have had their eye on Microsoft's Build conference, where the technology giant showcases to developers what new innovations they will be rolling out this year.

Those that attended Microsoft's Build conference will have had the chance to view how it is adapting to the rising trend of tablets and smartphones, with the opportunity to enjoy previews of new products it is unveiling.

Build 2013 opened on June 26th, with an update to the Windows 8 operating system having already created a stir among IT professionals. Experts have been discussing Windows 8 for months as many of its new features have slowly been revealed.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscribers will have been treated to previews of its upcoming "Blue" Windows server and SQL server releases.

The term "Blue" is a codename for Microsoft's new Windows 8.1 client, which was made available to the public on June 26th as part of Build.

Among the bonuses of the Windows 8.1 update is that it is much easier to use on a smaller screen. This will no doubt raise the user-friendliness of the product for consumers around the world as, more and more, people are choosing to use their smartphone or tablet in place of their personal computers. Even in the office, bring your own device (BYOD) has changed the technology that employees use, letting them use their tablets and saving money on hardware.

Microsoft might also have the potential release of a smaller Surface Pro tablet up its sleeve, which has been widely speculated about. The release of Windows 8.1 would tie in with that.

Microsoft's move towards mobile devices in place of laptops or desktops is unsurprising given the number of businesses jumping on the trend. BYOD policies have become a must in business as many seek to allow flexible working. So employees have been able to work remotely, whether they can't get into work one day or if they're on a business trip, or even outside of office hours if it suits them.