How HR is affected by Cloud

The influence of the Cloud on HR

The Human Resource department can have it tough. When there are ten new starters all joining in the same week the strain can show. When they are dealing with multiple departments in multiple locations the vice tightens. When their processes change and they have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees to inform then the pressure increases.  It is therefore vital to ensure that the HR department runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible.  
Consequently, when deciding to move from on premise to Cloud based solutions it is important to consider the influence that this may have on the HR department. Traditionally, human resources were paper based operations leading to slow, cumbersome working conditions and stressed employees hidden under a mountain of paperwork. Migrating to a Cloud solution such as Windows Azure allows for more flexible working. Staff can obtain access to personal records at home decreasing the number of HR queries and reducing pressure on the department.  
Typically HR departments require a large amount of storage space for files, as they need to archive employee and company data. Hosting this data in the Cloud negates the need for the large capital expenditure required for on premise infrastructure. Previously there have been some concerns for the HR department regarding security in the Cloud but since 2010, there have been strict standards in place to protect data. These standards are reflected in the credentials of the suppliers and partners. These concerns have led to creating Dot Net's Azure One which integrates the management and hosting of IL2 and IL3 data between hosted Vodafone UK data centres and Azure Public Cloud. Azure One's increased data security will give HR peace of mind when dealing with sensitive information.  
Dot Net recognise that each department of an organisation is a vital cog in the overall performance and efficiency of the company as a whole. What are your Cloud concerns? Which department do you think will be most affected by the transition?