Why SaaS means a move to interoperability

Make SaaS services interoperable to appeal to customers.

To make a successful transition to Software as a Service (SaaS), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) first need to consider what aspects of the technology will benefit customers most.

In many ways, SaaS products are much more flexible and easy to use than previous legacy models and this is something that ISVs should make their paramount concern. One of the ways in which SaaS services are easier to use is their interoperability.

Previously, legacy systems worked separately, meaning that users had to work across several different platforms and data storage applications at once. In turn, this meant that users would have to go through a variety of authentication processes and share data across a wide variety of infrastructures.

This would prove time consuming for most users and considerably slow down their day-to-day work. What they need in the current climate is a much more streamlined way of using different systems.

Unlike in the days of legacy systems, SaaS services can be constructed so that they can work in conjunction with each other. For ISVs to make the technology more useful to users, they must take advantage of this interoperability.

A recent whitepaper from Dot Net Solutions stated: "SaaS must provide a user experience that is as functional as it is reliable. ISVs must work hard to break down these silos [where the various data applications were stored] and ensure inter-compatibility with other applications."

As well as making it possible for data to move between applications, it also needs to be possible for the consumer to decide where this information can be moved to. This is of particular concern to businesses that handle a lot of sensitive data.

It is also important to ensure that SaaS applications can be connected to other services, which is particularly helpful for users as SaaS technology moves forward. The most important thing to remember is the more flexibility the better. More flexibility means it will be easier and therefore preferable for the user.