Why crowdsourcing can improve business

Crowdsourcing tools can be used to find people to complete small tasks.

More and more, independent software vendors (ISVs) are needed to help customers engage with their consumer base and for good reason. Not only does crowdsourcing give customers a human face but it can also help them advance parts of their business.

For the most part, businesses are looking to engage further with consumers in the current climate as it aids in building brand loyalty. It makes consumers feel as though the firm is aiding them directly and the service can be adapted to their needs. Yet companies are finding that they can use this technology to help build their business more directly.

Time and again, companies will come up against technical problems that people within their workforce do not have the time or the skill set to be able to resolve. Yet these issues are often too small to justify hiring an extra hand to fix, which means that they need to find people who can help them complete one-off tasks.

To aid with getting these tasks completed, customers will need ISVs to help them build crowdsourcing technologies they can use to draw in people who can complete these tasks for them.

An example of what is already on the market is Crowdflower, which breaks down the jobs that a company needs doing into a series of microtasks. It then puts these tasks out to tender, attracting individuals who are able to solve these problems for a fee.

The tasks will require varying levels of skill. For example, some may require complicated coding and development skills, while others will need people who are able to complete a thorough spell check.

Either way, to make this kind of technology available to the customer, ISVs will be needed and their product will need to comprise a mixture of complex backend processes, databases and applications that are required to interoperate with each other.

Of course, all of this will need to be done over the cloud to maximise reach to a global audience and so it is worth getting a cloud service provider to aid with the development.