Why cloud vendors can improve your sales

Sales are easier to achieve if you have good knowledge of the product.

If you can find a charismatic individual who is full of knowledge to present your product then you are going to have much more luck with sales. But if this person proves to be lacking in expertise with the product they are selling then they are going to encounter problems.

Certainly this is something that Gartner has noticed to be the case when it comes to selling from one business to another, so seeing what aid is available to help salespeople learn should be valued.

This is an option that independent software vendors should consider when releasing an application in the cloud. Providers know that when you are creating an app that is to be resold, the business will not reap the benefits if they do not know all about the product they are trying to push. For this reason, cloud services who develop apps for your business to sell will likely offer some form of advice in how to use them.

Nevertheless, salespeople have to have to be able to take this knowledge with them when they need to go and market a product.

Meeting someone in person is very helpful when trying to sell a product as Gartner discovered when it surveyed 503 organisations in North America, Europe and China and found that 56 thought this type of contact was of high importance while a further 43 per cent said it was of medium importance.

Vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner Tiffany Bova said: "Personal interactions with providers are still the most influential activity in B2B buying decisions."

Even so, salespeople still have a responsibility to make sure the client gets the full value of their time.

Ms Bova added: "Buyers do not value their interactions with salespeople as much as they did in the past. As a result, sales teams must adjust processes and skills to learn to guide buyers through their purchase cycle."

Showing a knowledge of the app that they are selling is key to informing these processes and so it is worth contacting the company developing your software for guidance.