Use cloud to boost engagement

Cloud is being used increasingly to engage directly with consumers.

Social has been identified by Gartner as one of the Nexus of Forces and so it is playing a larger part in the strategy of many organisations. It is a great crowdsourcing tool as it allows users to speak to people involved with a brand directly, offering insight on a product, and can also be used as a means of rewarding consumers from buying.

When asked to sign up for reward systems, consumers are asked to give a lot of information about themselves, including where they live, their age and their gender. Such data can be used by companies to create targeted marketing campaigns and gain insight to the kind of demographic they are working with. The reason why reward systems are effective is that consumers feel they are getting more for their money when they buy from a company, but for this to work the system needs to work seamlessly.

For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), the cloud has become a great way to facilitate high levels of engagement with consumers, something that customers who are frequently in demand are unable to rely on legacy systems. This is down to the fact that this increased engagement is largely driven by big data.

Reward points systems are one method that has proved popular for engaging customers but it means that systems must be in place to transmit a lot of data across each other, which was not possible on older on-premise, often stand-alone systems.

Thanks to the interoperability of cloud applications, a number of systems can be connected to ensure that data can be passed instantly from the moment a consumer uses their rewards programme.

However, architecturing such a system is tricky for ISVs who are not overly familiar with the cloud. It is therefore worth contacting an experienced cloud provider to get help with designing a set of software and connecting it in such a way that it can handle high levels of engagement, such as with parallel user-interfaces, and will be able to transmit data instantly without running the risk of applications experiencing downtime.