Service Desk Satisfaction

Service Desk drives continual improvement

Today’s society is one of instant gratification. You hear a song on the radio and you can Shazam it instantly. You have a question and more often than not the answer is only a Wiki away. We have become a real-time society with real-time expectations and this provides challenges that all Service Desks face. Frustrated customers who are tearing out their hair and threatening to blow steam from their ears make contact. They have problems or requests and understandably expect quick solutions.
A recent survey on customer satisfaction conducted by Forrester Research states that 41%  of over 2,000 interviewed Service Desk users were “on the fence” about their satisfaction. They cited several areas in need of improvement; request resolution time, timelines of status updates, and even expertise. Nothing, it appears, is more frustrating than feeling as if your problem is too difficult or taking too long to solve.

Accessing the Service Desk by telephone is still the quickest and easiest way to report an incident or raise a request. However, Service Desks are increasingly favouring web-based portals where customers enter information and view updates in real-time. FAQ pages supplementing this allow the customer to resolve problems themselves.
Traditionally Service Desks were known as Helpdesks and were strictly limited in scope. The Service Desk has evolved and as exemplified by ITIL is very much a core component of service delivery. It can maintain consistent service by driving up the first time fix rate with higher levels of expertise at the first point of contact, ensuring more efficient resolution of customer queries and incidents. Furthermore, today the Service Desk generally drives continual service improvement and is highly instrumental in the ongoing design of the service.
Dot Net’s Service Desk is situated within an innovative culture of putting this into practice across process, technology and personnel with customer benefits as the end result. We appreciate that allowing a problem to remain unresolved can cause irreparable damage to your company image, employee morale and to the Service Desk’s reputation. To improve your satisfaction Dot Net will be implementing more metrics, providing an assessment of how well your expectations are being met and will help you monitor improvement progress. In today's society of instant gratification it is our mission to ensure that your problems are priority. Dot Net are determined to make certain that you need never steam at the ears over your service experience again.