Security in the public cloud: A non-issue?

Security is a concern for businesses considering connecting to a public cloud.

The big red flag when it comes to adopting the cloud is information security, with many companies cautious about public clouds for fear that their data may be compromised. But is this really an issue worth the time it is given?

Often, businesses get stuck when choosing between buying into a public cloud or setting up a private cloud from scratch. In the case of the latter, they need to consider a few things, such as whether or not they are knowledgeable in setting up and managing a data centre that can house their needs, how they can expand it if needed and whether or not they have the appropriate resources to manage it. Should they adopt a public cloud instead, then all of this can be taken care of for them by their provider.

Yet this raises a host of questions for the business over the security of their information; with little knowledge of where their data is stored, how do they know it can be kept safe and confidential?

Think of the impact that an information security breach could have on a public cloud provider; if it is easy for unauthorised people to access sensitive company information then this will be bad for their reputation. It is for this reason that cloud providers ensure that they invest thoroughly in ensuring that the data entrusted to them cannot be accessed, regardless of where information is stored and who shares the data centre; this is why companies like Dot Net Solutions can boast enterprise class data security.

Accolades like this are a useful indicator that the provider will ensure top notch security of business data, not to mention the fact that they will save IT managers a serious headache. Simply having control of the location of data is not enough to make sure data is kept safe as companies need to ensure that nobody can get into this, ensuring they have features like sophisticated firewalls in place for protection.

Information security breaches are rising constantly and the nature of these is changing with the development in technology. It is a costly business and can potentially damage a company greatly, so when it comes to making sure business data is safe it is best to have an expert taking care of this.