Microsoft will lead growth in enterprise cloud computing

Growth in enterprise cloud computing will be "explosive", says TheInfoPro.

It is no secret that businesses are reaping the benefits of cloud computing as those with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) behind the helm are pushing forward very quickly in the marketplace.

Seeing the success of their competitors, many more enterprises are realising that if they want to cut costs and boost efficiency in terms of IT then they too need to adopt cloud.

A new report from TheInfoPro, which is a service for 451 Research, says that it predicts the growth of enterprise cloud computing projects to be "explosive". The report involved a lot of extensive interviews with IT professionals and decision makers across businesses of varying size throughout Europe and North America.

What is more, it says that Microsoft is one of the cloud computing vendors that will be leading the charge. Certainly, with its proven track record coupled with the focus that Microsoft has placed on its Azure platform make its cloud delivery very promising.

Azure has shown to be able to adapt to the various markets that it serves quickly. With the wealth of partners behind it, including Dot Net Solutions, Microsoft can gain from the feedback of a variety of clients from various sectors. It is no surprise then that Microsoft aims to update Azure every three months, which is a much faster rate than it delivers on its other software programs.

Judging by the report, this ability to deliver quickly on the needs of clients is vital as many businesses either accept that cloud will add to their IT processes or hope to make allowances for it.

It stated: "Sixty per cent of respondents view cloud computing as a natural evolution of IT service delivery and do not allocate separate budgets for cloud computing projects. Of those that do have separate budgets for cloud computing, 69 per cent expect their spending to increase in both 2013 and 2014 compared with the prior year."

But with one of the main drivers of cloud being that it allows businesses to cut costs on their IT, any investment now is a smart one for the future.