Make cloud integral to enterprise architecture

Cloud could be a cost effective addition to enterprise strategy.

Maximising the value of a company at a time when budgets are tight is an ongoing concern of businesses, which is why cloud computing is a popular technology across organisations.

According to Gartner, chief information officers are being tasked with uncovering new technologies and finding the benefits of implementing them into their business' digital strategy. These demands have also been passed to enterprise architects, who are tasked with "harvesting" new technologies to use in business.

Research vice president at Gartner Marcus Blosch said: "With the global economy still struggling, enterprise architects around the world will need to use enterprise architecture to help drive growth and innovation, while at the same time identifying opportunities for performance improvement and cost cutting at a time when IT budgets are flat.

"Given these factors, CIOs must extend IT's performance profile beyond tending, to hunting and harvesting for digital value."

Among the technologies that businesses should consider for improving on digital value is cloud computing. Businesses have been keen to look to cloud to improve on processes and value and Gartner notes it as part of it Nexus of Forces - cloud, social, mobile and big data - that have been revolutionising IT within organisations.

Gartner says that enterprise architecture is key to improving digital strategies in companies. In turn, businesses recognise that having a good digital strategy is vital to business processes. According to Gartner's 2013 Chief Executive Officer and Senior Executive Officer Survey, 52 per cent of businesses say that they have a digital strategy in place.

If cost is central to business concerns when it comes to investing in IT then making cloud computing part of enterprise architecture is a wise move. By integrating the cloud with existing processes then companies can expand on the capabilities of their IT infrastructure without having to spend too much. Using a cloud service provider, companies can ensure that they can gain a solution that is tailored specifically to their needs. Therefore, they can ensure that it delivers the value they want.