Interconnectivity: an opportunity for ISVs

Businesses are becoming increasingly more interconnected.

With the world becoming more interconnected, and the emergence of Cloud as an integral piece thereof, there are a wealth of businesses who will need help to make sure that they are a part of it. For independent software vendors (ISVs), this is an opportunity to build new processes.

Where in the past information sharing was a process that could take weeks for businesses, nowadays people expect to be able to receive data almost instantly; whether that's from another department in their office building or a supplier elsewhere in the world.

Therefore, companies are in need of good information sharing systems, which legacy processes are unable to support. The growth in information sharing is demonstrative of the prevalence of big data in business at present, for which customers need flexible storage systems to be able to support.

Not only does this offer ISVs an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in a field that is unfamiliar to large businesses, but it also allows them to work with customers in locations that were previously not open to them.

As a recent whitepaper from Dot Net Solutions explained: "The global reach of Cloud architecture is also enabling businesses to expand their offering into new markets and geographies, previously out of reach".

The challenge lies in ensuring that the data across these geographical locations and departments is linked up properly.

In larger organisations for example, opportunities lie in the need for businesses to link up intelligence and supply chain management across the workforce. For companies of this size, this means making sure they can communicate across offices and collate information from all departments anywhere.

However, it can be very easy for the area to which each piece of data refers to be lost when being transmitted, potentially rendering it almost impossible to understand or make use of. This is a challenge that ISVs must be able to overcome when developing software as a service solutions for businesses of this size, with the need to cover a diverse range of topics and locations.