IaaS can improve your business continuity

IaaS can be used to develop strategies for business continuity.

To exercise a good business continuity strategy, you need constant information both on your company and on wider implications. It's not something that can be put off either as it is vital to profitability and safeguarding your business against worst case scenarios.

Of course, this kind of knowledge requires a lot of information to be gathered and monitored to properly inform you, which is the exact reason why big data has really taken off in business lately. This is another one of many ways that infrastructure as a service (IaaS) proves itself as a revenue boosting solution because in-house storage simply cannot support the demands of big data. With IaaS, on the other hand, storage can be scaled up in accordance with the amount of information coming in.

Dot Net Solutions explained in a recent white paper how using IaaS to leverage big data can be beneficial to businesses: "In this way, use of IaaS can actually turn IT into a revenue generating department, exploiting big data to, for instance, identify market patterns, risk and forecast future customer behaviour."

But as well as identifying methods of making money, businesses also need to make sure they are properly safeguarded in case of a disaster.

Certainly IaaS can be used to identify many risks in time, however there are occassions when companies may be hit by problems unexpectedly and in these instances they need a good disaster recovery (DR) strategy to get out of them.

This is where the flexibility of IaaS is crucial to ensuring businesses are able to get a clear picture of their situation and plan around it accordingly. Where typically their DR plan would have to have a map of their physical environments set out in advance, IaaS allows for much faster change.

Dot Net explained: "Businesses can achieve real-time replication of their entire environment, individual virtual machines and even specific workloads to an offsite IaaS platform and only spin them up when required."

With IaaS bills only resulting in charges for what companies use, the allowance for businesses to scale back easily if need be makes the technology a cost-effective approach to DR.