Facing the challenge of moving legacy systems to cloud

Much company data tends to be stored on legacy systems.

Cloud might be growing in popularity among businesses but migrating to this new technology may not be simple; with so much data stored in legacy systems, companies need to work out how to integrate processes well.

Moving away from legacy systems is necessary for businesses to get ahead and the information stored on them can concern such changeable issues as customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning. Companies need to ensure that applications and databases are up to date, in tune with their processes and agile enough that they can keep up with their competitors. As businesses grow, their processes will change and so their IT systems will need to be adapted accordingly.

However, as applications fall behind the times, moving data to new ones is not a simple task: migrating company systems to the cloud is generally the best option.

Dot Net Solutions commented: "There's often a lot of historical data and business intelligence tied up in older systems, applications and databases - these must either be 'cloudified' or properly integrated with newer systems to remain valuable."

In fact, earlier this year, Gartner suggested that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) may be the key to getting data stored on legacy systems into the cloud. Rather than wiping out existing systems and rewriting company data - which is highly time consuming and is a waste of business investment - businesses could combine them with newer ones in the cloud.

Companies may wish to consider hybrid cloud, which combines their existing on-premises systems with cloud services, so that they can scale their existing processes or adapt them according to their needs. This will save money and time in moving information across as well as man hours retraining staff to use new systems.

Many cloud experts have commented that there is no simple answer in terms of how to integrate legacy systems with cloud services, but making sure IaaS is compatible with a company's existing applications and databases will provide a good basis to link old systems with new.