Companies must continue to focus on cutting IT costs

Businesses should look at cost effective ways to optimise their IT processes.

Businesses must work to continuously and tactically cut costs to their IT optimisation, according to Gartner.

Optimising IT services is important for businesses to gain a competitive edge as it increases efficiency.

Companies have been working over the past few years to optimise their IT services. However, with the effects of the global financial crisis weighing in on businesses, they have had to consider how they can improve their IT on a budget.

However, this trend is set to continue as technologies keep developing. Therefore, Gartner says that looking at ways to optimise IT in business should be an ongoing process.

Research director at Gartner Sanil Solanki said: "Organisations don't often achieve the desired results from their optimisation initiatives, and costs end up returning into the business."

It was suggested that chief information officers work to implement some principles so that all staff are working towards the same goal, as this is one of the main areas where companies are often set back.

The principles that should be introduced include making IT changes transparent, fast and simple. Additionally, staff should be made aware of who is accountable for particular processes and they should ensure that improving cost is a main point of discipline.

As well as setting uniform targets for optimising IT strategies, companies should look at how their IT can speed up the process.

One of the best ways for businesses to increase efficiency while cutting costs is to implement cloud computing processes. Cloud has proven to be one of the cheapest technologies available to businesses at the moment.

Many companies opt for a hybrid cloud as a means to improve on IT so that their investment in their current system does not go to waste. This allows them to scale up their storage, allowing more space for business analytics, without having to move their employees onto a new network.

Additionally, by approaching a cloud service provider to have these processes installed, companies can simplify the adoption of new technologies. This is because cloud service providers can adapt solutions to suit the user.