Cloud will shift from economics to innovation

The next challenge for cloud providers will be to innovate in their business offerings.

As businesses have discovered that cloud computing might be the best economic solution for their needs, the challenge facing providers now is to present unique ways to improve on their offerings.

In its recent predictions on how much is going to be spent globally on cloud computing, the International Data Corporation (IDC) explained that cloud computing has played a pivotal role in changing the way that businesses approach information technology.

Of course the IDC referenced the fact that cloud has grown in popularity within business because of how cost effective it is in comparison to other IT solutions. Cloud was made to boost efficiency within the workplace but at a much cheaper price than it takes to install in house.

Now that cloud vendors have established themselves as providers of this, the challenge moving forward will be to offer solutions that are unique, address business needs and are competitive.

Senior vice president and chief analyst at IDC Frank Gens said: "Over the next several years, the primary driver for cloud adoption will shift from economics to innovation as leading-edge companies invest in cloud services as the foundation for new competitive offerings. The emergence of cloud as the core for new 'business as a service' offerings will accelerate cloud adoption and dramatically raise the cloud model's strategic value beyond CIOs to CXOs of all types."

No doubt that addressing this challenge will be much easier for some companies than others and certainly one company that is likely to shine through is Microsoft Azure.

As stated in previous blogs, the technology giant has managed to acquire a sizable number of partners as it has grown in prevalence as a leader in the industry. Companies like Dot Net Solutions have seen clear benefits as Azure has proven to be innovative in its approach to offering infrastructure as a service.

With so many people behind it, Azure will never be short of expertise to lead in well-thought out updates and with upgrades released every three months it will always be on top of the biggest needs in business.