Cloud migration then and now: is it getting easier?

Businesses are finding migrating from legacy systems to the cloud easier.

As cloud computing is becoming very commonplace among IT developers it would suggest that applications and services are becoming much easier to adopt than they were in the past. Could it be that one of the biggest challenges to cloud adopters, the transition from legacy systems, is getting easier?

The challenge of migrating from legacy systems to the cloud is one that is well documented and even Gartner has noted this as one of the biggest barriers for adopters. Evidence of this is shown in the faster uptake of cloud among small and medium-sized enterprises compared to larger businesses. With the latter having much more data and applications stored in on-premise systems, the challenge of moving from one to another is much greater.

Yet as time goes on and platforms are developing further, the difficulties of moving away from legacy systems are being ironed out. Adopters are noting the mistakes that were made in the past and creating more well formed plans for 'cloudifying' their old applications or buying new ones.

A white paper from Dot Net Solutions stated: "Looking back over the last few years, the path to cloud is strewn with aborted transitions as the first wave of early adopters struggled to contend with immature platform offerings and a disregard for the complexity and scale of impact to the wider business."

Of course, taking a look at the complexity and scale of impact that cloud migration can have on a business, as well as what platforms would be most appropriate, are a challenge in themselves. To make formulating a plan much easier, there are now a number of best practices around. These are based on the various uses of the cloud including whether users simply want to migrate their data, should they need machine replication, if they need a disaster recovery solution, the list goes on.

Additionally, a number of cloud migration partners are now in business to ensure that the transition goes a lot easier. With a lot of sensitive information being moved and with business processes being revolutionised, it is well worth turning to one of these experts for advice.