Cloud means zero time to market

Putting cloud services on the market takes far less time than traditional software.

Sometimes staying competitive is about being the fastest in your field to get to market with a new service.  With the heightened flexibility and interoperability of Cloud, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can benefit from using this technology.

Cloud can prove particularly beneficial when an ISV is commissioned to deliver a custom piece of software for a high-profile customer, one that is likely to be in demand all the time.

In the past, these kinds of customers have found it difficult to launch new services as they need to be linked with old on-premise systems. This can prove to be particularly disruptive to business continuity and can stifle innovation.

Yet as Cloud allows applications to become interoperable, data can be easily shared between old and new systems instantly. Therefore, the amount of time between developing a new service and getting it up and running is zero.

What makes it even easier is the fact that services within an offering can be compartmentalised and worked on individually to improve customer experience.

For example, where customers need to have interfaces available at all times, they can have a parallel site developed that will work seamlessly in conjuction with the main one. Having this in place means they significantly decrease the chances of experiencing downtime in the event that the main, consumer-facing site experiences technical difficulties.

Should this be architected properly then the consumer would be kept unaware which site they are using at all times. It would be possible to share data between the two sites both together and separately during situations when a number of consumers are using the service at once.

Yet architecting such a service is not easy and it is worthwhile hiring a Cloud provider with experience in this field, as this is the best option for ensuring you can get a quality service up and running in as little time as possible.

There is no doubt that being able to deliver a consistent product quickly, that can be developed further in time, will benefit big customers and improve the reputation of ISVs alike.