Cloud maturity happens faster for smaller businesses

SMEs tend to move to cloud maturity more quickly.

Getting into the cloud might be something that many businesses are aspiring to and, indeed, it will pay off in the end. But cloud migration does not come without challenges and it seems that the speed at which businesses reach cloud maturity is an issue relative to size.

There is a disparity in the adoption rates of the cloud in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) compared to large corporations. According to RightScale's State of the Cloud report, 77 per cent of large corporations are adopting cloud while slightly fewer SMEs (75 per cent) are making their way to this technology.

Yet these figures turn around when it comes to getting to the mature stages of cloud, learning how it can be utilised best and making it an integral part of business. RightScale found that, of the SMEs and larger enterprises in the cloud, 41 per cent of SMEs were using it heavily compared to a mere 17 per cent of enterprises.

So what is the problem that enterprises are facing? Integration could be a central issue. With more resources at their disposal, larger enterprises tend to have made bigger investments into IT in the past and the challenge of moving legacy systems into the cloud is one that is well documented. Gartner has flagged this issue as such, with the suggestion that using Infrastructure as a Service may offer the best means of connecting old systems with the cloud.

For SMEs on the other hand, they can look beyond the difficulties of 'cloudifying' their previous investments and begin to consider how they can use the cloud to benefit them; with fewer data and resources needing to be transferred, they have more time available to experiment. This is where they see the cost benefits of setting up or buying applications in the cloud, which can be scaled up or down according to their needs.

Reaching cloud maturity is something that is achievable for businesses of all sizes and in the future larger enterprises, too, will make heavy use of the technology.