Cloud computing revolutionises defence in the US

The US's Department of Defence hopes cloud computing will modernise IT.

The Department of Defence (DoD) in the US is looking to cloud computing to deliver improved information technology.

A ten-point action plan was released by the DoD's chief information officer Teri Takai for the modernisation of information technology. This falls in line with other initiatives within the DoD, mainly the fact that the service has been told to become more efficient and agile.

The DoD is delivering its own enterprise cloud with a view to consolidating infrastructure. With this comes the need for a change to cyber security policies so the DoD will be developing a strategy to support this and intends to leverage commercial clouds that fall in line with this.

One of the benefits that the DoD hopes to achieve by securing an enterprise cloud is to improve buying power. Indeed, there are plenty of applications and processes in the cloud that the DoD could use for this.

For example, its relationship with customers could be improved by using customer relationship management solutions. This would help it track any contact it has with its clients and use this for information about how strong its relationship with them is. From there, the DoD could determine which of its clients have the most value and when is the right time to strike a deal for when to buy.

Additionally, the cloud could help improve communications within and around the DoD. Using unified communications solutions, the DoD will have a wider range of options that it can utilise to contact employees and clients. It would be able to host video conferences, which in turn would save money on business travel as employees could have what appears to be face-to-face meetings without making a lengthy and costly journey. When it comes to buying power, this is a tool that could be beneficial for the DoD as it allows the human contact that most businessmen and women feel is necessary for striking a deal while speeding up communications.

However these advantages are not only accessible for the DoD. All types of business can benefit and should consider them when seeking new suppliers or customers.