Call centres adopting cloud technology

Call centres in the UK are keen to implement cloud technology.

More and more UK call centres are migrating to the cloud, new research suggests.

The 2013 Cloud Contact Centre Survey produced by the companies Call Centre and Interactive Intelligence revealed that most of the 130 companies that responded are in the process of implementing cloud computing.

A total of 78 per cent said they are in the implementation phase with 41 per cent saying they had either chosen their cloud service provider or were researching their options and a further 36 per cent are currently learning more about the technology.

Regional sales director for the UK, Middle East and Africa at Interactive Intelligence Dave Paulding said: "We wanted to use this survey to delve a little deeper and find out directly from UK contact centres what the key drivers are for cloud adoption, what they think the impact will be and to understand any areas that may require additional support."

Speed was one of the key drivers for cloud adoption, with 47 per cent citing this, while technical factors such as flexibility, scalability, simplicity and security appealed to 45 per cent of respondents.

Using cloud computing, call centres can improve on their delivery to customers by implementing unified communications. This technology can help them expand from just calling customers to also contacting them quickly and easily via email or instant message too, keeping information on them all under one area.

Indeed, scalability is one of the greatest assets of the cloud as it allows companies to widen their databases both for customers, staff members and any other data as and when they need it by making a call to their cloud service provider.

Implementing a cloud solution also need not prove problematic as providers can develop these to suit specific companies. Additionally, they can provide help and support with the technology as staff take it into their day to day work.

Another big reason for adopting cloud is the savings that it represents. Indeed, 60 per cent of respondents cited this as the reason they chose to move to the cloud.