BYOD to drive need for security

Businesses need to adopt security solutions for BYOD.

The bring your own device (BYOD) trend could drive more businesses to seek security solutions.

At present, businesses are keen to jump on the BYOD trend but may find that their employees do not prioritise installing anti-virus software on their mobile devices. This is according to Gartner, which says demand for security solutions is set to increase in the future.

Although consumers may not be fully aware of the dangers presented by a lack of security, research director at Gartner Ruggero Contu predicts that cyber criminals will target them more moving forward as mobile devices become more prevalent in business.

Mr Contu said: "The current awareness of security and its impact on users of mobile devices is likely to change,"

"Gartner expects attacks to focus increasingly on mobile platforms as they become more popular. This is likely to make consumers show more interest in security products that address mobile devices and acquire mobile security as part of a broader consumer endpoint security platform."

More companies have been willing to implement BYOD ever since cloud computing began growing in prevalence within businesses. As businesses place processes and networks in the cloud, it has become possible for them to allow devices that are not in house to connect.

Studies have since shown that this has been a positive development in business. Allowing employees a choice of devices to use, whether that's a specific brand of laptop, smartphone or tablet, has proven to increase job satisfaction. Additionally, employees have then become more efficient and more innovative while at work.

For companies, too, BYOD can prove more cost effective than in-house hardware. This is because they can outsource the cost of hardware to employees.

However, businesses may miss the benefits of BYOD if the security of these devices is not monitored. The problem is compounded when employees use these same devices for personal use, putting confidential information at risk.

It has been suggested that companies hoping to implement BYOD also ensure they have a policy in place to ensure that each device is safe.