Businesses need cloud to stay agile

Cloud is quickly becoming a necessity in business.

Every business knows that if they want to stay ahead of their competitors they always need to move quickly, but this can become a challenge when they find they need to update their processes.

In this day and age, a lot of business processes centre around IT and so any substantial changes can have a profound effect across companies. What's more, upgrading IT solutions in-house can be costly and time-consuming. For this reason, businesses should turn to cloud computing for a faster and cheaper way to improve on their services capabilities.

Sometimes businesses may find that they need to uproot their current processes altogether but if they leave this to their IT departments, expecting them to try and implement a new service and ensure it works well, then businesses will find that they are using up man hours on issues that can be cheaply outsourced.

Meanwhile if they turn to a cloud service provider for this, then they can ensure that an expert is working on producing a solution that can be integrated into a company's systems well and can be improved upon as and when is needed.

A recent white paper from Dot Net Solutions stated: "The agile deployment and continuous development cycles afforded by IaaS mean that applications are able to respond to changing market conditions much more quickly. Cloud providers are able to release bug fixes and patches much more frequently, introducing new functionality and resolving issues on a continuous basis, with no impact to business continuity."

These are benefits that many businesses are noticing, which is why so many of them are moving into cloud networks and causing that market to grow at a considerable rate. In fact, in February 2013, Gartner reported that public cloud services grew by 18.5 per cent year on year to reach $131 billion (£81.2 billion) worldwide.

Such a widespread uptake of cloud services suggests that adopting this technology is moving beyond being a helpful tool and is becoming a necessity if companies want to remain major players in their market.