Why you need an expert Cloud provider from the start

Choose a cloud provider who you know can deliver from day one.

Investing in the services of a Cloud partner is ideal for those who want into the market but are unsure of what they need to do. What you need to make sure of first, however, is that the provider is right for you.

What has become apparent over recent years is that it is essential for independent software vendors (ISVs) to look to the Cloud to develop and release their apps. It is cheap, easy to scale and flexible.

However, Cloud migration can be tricky and there are many considerations that those who are inexperienced with this area may be unable to tackle. Therefore ISVs need Cloud providers to ensure their apps are interoperable, that their legacy process can be made Cloud-ready and uncover any other areas of concern they may have overlooked.

Yet it is also vital to shop smart when looking for a Cloud provider and do some careful research to ensure they can deliver what you need.

A recent report from Gartner found that 70 per cent of chief information officers are planning to change where they source technology in the next two or three years. As they face a range of technological challenges, which are only set to evolve in the coming years, it is important to know that their service providers can meet their needs.

Managing vice president at Gartner, Eric Rocco said: "The picture is clear for service providers as clients are struggling to keep up with change,"

"They are strongly considering changing the providers they work with as part of responding to this change. Market share will shift to service providers able to help clients respond to the business and IT opportunities and challenges that are overwhelming more than half of organisations today."

A good first step is to look at a Cloud provider's portfolio, including the kinds of clients they have worked with and the sort of projects they have undertaken, to give an idea of their capabilities.

Dot Net have a range of previous projects listed on its website working with a range of organisation from the likes of Cabinet Office to Citroen.