Why you need a Cloud provider to assess SaaS plans

A cloud provider can assess problems in your SaaS plans that you may have missed.

Software as a Service (SaaS) may appear to be a cost effective solution and, indeed, it is the way forward for businesses who want to get faster and better technology. Yet, without expert advice, these applications can still prove to be more of a financial drain than a gain.

The first and foremost reasons why businesses turn to SaaS is always down to the fact that these applications more often than not prove to be cheaper than legacy systems. Furthermore, they are certainly much more scalable, which is ideal for a business that has a growing customer base.

Yet it is difficult for companies that do not have a lot of experience with the Cloud to understand the extent of the scalability available. Especially if there are other considerations they have not taken into account when developing such applications.

While independent software vendors may have the technical expertise to build SaaS solutions, they could benefit from the help of a Cloud service provider to look into all the considerations of the Cloud that may not be prevalent in traditional software.

For example, Cloud providers will be able to assess more easily whether customers are likely to incur licensing costs for using an SaaS solution. These charges may not even apply necessarily when they start to use a service but can apply later on in the lifetime of such a solution.

Such a situation was uncovered by the Fire Protection Agency (FPA) when they were building their Resilient Business Software Toolkit, otherwise known as ROBUST, which they wanted to offer to firms for free to aid with the uptake of improve data capture and better business continuity analysis.

As a recent whitepaper from Dot Net explained: "Commercial interoperability, as well as technical, will dictate the viability of SaaS developments, particularly for not-for-profit organisations such as the FPA."

It was for this reason that the FPA worked with an application development provider and a Cloud service provider to create their product. Since then, ROBUST has been downloaded by 9,000 companies, which has in turn allowed the FPA to build a database to continue to improve risk mitigation processes and intelligence.