Where SaaS fits in with the big data trend

SaaS applications have helped to spur the trend towards big data.

Big data has quickly become the most popular buzz word among businesses over the past year, with many companies looking to invest in what is considered to be a key part of business intelligence moving forward. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who are considering how they can tie in to this trend with Software as a Service (SaaS) may have uncovered a significant means of revenue growth.

Through the rise of SaaS and the interoperability of products across these services, this has resulted in the rise of the big data trend. This is because it is now much easier for firms to pool information from a wide range of resources and, if planned properly, can provide very sophisticated insights into areas such as the likelihood of growth, customer engagement and potential pitfalls.

Gartner has noted that businesses have been keen to get onto the big data trend and previously predicted that, during 2013, spend on the technology would reach $34 billion (£20.7 billion). At the time, 64 per cent of companies had already invested in big data and the analysts believe that even more will do so over the course of 2014.

While interoperability of the applications that firms use in the cloud has allowed for the trend of big data to grow, it has in turn made it a requirement for ISVs to make their services easy to link up with other services to get them to sell.

Therefore, an important consideration for ISVs is how their custom applications will interact with data and how this will fit in with the applications that their potential customers are already using.

As a recent whitepaper from Dot Net Solutions stated: "Properly architecting a cloud environment to capitalise on many disparate data sets without hindrance is vital best practice to obtain meaningful results from it."

To help ISVs create such a cloud environment, it would be useful for them to partner with cloud providers who have experience in the architecture of these environments.