Use cloud providers to build innovation

Businesses can use the cloud to innovate.

It's often the case in business that entrepreneurs or companies have an idea they know will sell but don't have the money, technical expertise or time to put it together.

Cloud service providers, like Dot Net Solutions, can aid in all of these areas to get business ideas in motion.

Where money comes into play, many businesses do not have the capacity in house to try out a new product and investing in new systems can be costly. However, scalability is one of the best assets of the cloud; it allows you to increase storage and resources as and when you need them, just by asking your provider.

That's one area where you can save time, too. As new storage and systems can be implemented far more quickly and easily, you can get to work on your ideas and product testing sooner.

Writing for Forbes, technology expert Joe Kendrick said: "Say you want to design and test a new product line. With the available of on-demand cloud resources, new configurations can be up and running within hours or minutes, so that helps reduce the time element. Since users will only be charged for the amount of time they use cloud, that helps reduce the money needed."

Additionally, say you want to develop a new application, cloud service providers can aid here too. Companies like Dot Net Solutions use cloud technology, such as Microsoft AppFabric, to prepare new products and allow companies to take them to market.

An example of this was when the company Enteraction wanted to release a social media game based on television soap opera Coronation Street and needed someone to provide a backend solution.

They approached Dot Net Solutions, who used the Microsoft Azure Platform to ensure that their social media gaming was flexible and scalable. As social media like Facebook mean that any number of users could end up playing the games, these were two aspects that proved absolutely crucial for Enteraction's idea to work.