Microsoft Azure to power charity mobile app

Microsoft was chosen to deliver a mobile app for charities.

Microsoft Azure has proved its use in the non-profit sector as it has been chosen to power a mobile app for charities.

It will power the Raiser's Edge mobile application developed by Blackbaud, which provides accounting management and software for non-profit companies.

Raiser's Edge provides information to companies in the non-profit sector that can be used for fundraising appeals and supporter engagement. It will increase efficiency among professionals in the non-profit sector as it will allow them easier access to data from their mobile devices.

Vice president of engineering at Blackbaud Mary Jane Westmoreland said: "Cloud services like Windows Azure help support non-profits in spending less time managing technology and more time on their missions."

Using the cloud to access information means that professionals in the non-profit sector will be able to work away from the office, meaning they will have more time to complete necessary work off site.

International Mission Board development officer Chris Kennedy expressed his excitement about the new mobile app, explaining how it will make it possible for staff to become more mobile.

He said: "The impetus for development officers’ success is their ability to be in front of constituents, not a computer. As mobile access to constituent data increases, so go excuses for neglecting face-to-face contact. This tool could not have come soon enough."

Microsoft Azure partners with a number of companies to create cloud solutions that businesses can use to boost efficiency, mobility and cut costs.

One such company that it works with is Dot Net Solutions, which has used Azure as well as other Microsoft products to create ways for businesses to quickly and easily access data.

For example, it delivered a solution for Capita Children's Services whose management information SIMS is used to store around six million pupil records across the UK on a day-to-day basis.

Using Windows 7 and the Windows Presentation Foundation, Dot Net Solutions was able to deliver a solution that would provide up to the minute data to inform teachers' learning programs.