Let your audience interact to make them engage

Generation Y are thought to enjoy interactivity reminiscent of computer games.

They say that one of the best ways to learn is by doing. So if businesses want to hold a customer's attention, the best way to do this is through game-like interaction.

This is particularly true for companies who want to draw in people from Generation Y, that's people born sometime between 1980 and 1994.

Some experts suggest that part of the reason for this is due to their high interest in gaming. By using advertising campaigns that allow the viewer to interact, with features included like collecting points to gain rewards, indeed companies can more easily maintain their attention.

For companies who are unsure of how to do this and want an online interactive campaign - as some of the most effective advertising is done over the internet - then it is worth paying an app developer to do so.

One company that did so was AdPoints, who approached Dot Net Solutions to help them launch a solution through a private cloud.

AdPoints' idea was to reward viewers for watching television adverts online and also for rating them. The concept is useful for advertisers and consumers alike. As AdPoints is in partnership with Nector and the Daily Mail Group, consumers were rewarded for watching and rating the adverts with Nectar points. For advertisers, the concept allows them to track the return on investment their campaigns are gaining.

Because the idea was going to receive a high volume of users, the cloud was the best option for reaching them rather than Adpoints spending on servers in-house.

Dot Net Solutions used the Microsoft Azure platform to build their solution, offering a more cost effective way to reach a wide audience and with the option for AdPoints to expand as and when they needed to.

In its case study, AdPoints said: "Our transition to the Cloud has been the best investment we’ve ever made. Windows Azure is bringing us new business every day. Our proven expertise with Windows Azure has made us hot property and put us in high demand, opening up new doors with customers we’d never have worked with before."