ISVs get ready for e-commerce to ramp up

More payments will soon be made through people's smartphones.

While e-commerce has been proving itself as a niche that can only grow in demand, an area sure to provide business for independent software vendors (ISVs), it is set to ramp up considerably more. With this in mind, ISVs want to be on the crest of the wave.

More and more consumers are doing their shopping over the Internet, with the growth in online retail considerably outstripping the high street. What's more, not only are more people willing to complete transactions over the internet, more of them prefer to be able to do so using their smartphones.

Recognising the emergence of smartphones as people's preferred method to trade, the banking industry is creating systems that will allow people to pay using their phones alone.

It is set to start using a new mobile phone payments system known as Paym later this year. Paym is intended to make it easier for consumers to pay for things using mobile apps.

Once a user has registered their bank account using Paym then transactions can be approved simply by knowing the phone number of the recipient.

Banking apps are nothing new as many of the leading financial businesses allow customers to use their own specific apps. So the rise of smartphones as a payment device has been coming for a long time, yet the emergence of Paym cements its presence as people's preferred way to pay.

Therefore, it seems that ISVs who are focussed on e-commerce are already on the right track as this is only set to retain its strength across all industries. What they must now make a priority as well when developing a new e-commerce application is that it can be optimised for mobile.

As this could require a separate set of interfaces that need to be interoperable then the only way that this kind of technology can really be implemented is via the Cloud. Yet this can be a tricky area for most to get their head around, therefore it is well worth investing in the aid of aCloud service provider.