Choosing a good Cloud partner

ISVs need good cloud partners to ensure seamless migration.

For a successful transition to the Cloud, independent software providers (ISVs) need to make sure they have got the right partner behind them to aid with migration. Then again how do they know what are the best qualities to look for?

To succeed in the current climate, ISVs need to invest in Cloud computing to ensure their products are flexible enough for their clients and able to support their growth. Additionally, it is much cheaper to host applications in the Cloud, which in turn will prove attractive when trying to sell to a client.

However, migrating to the Cloud is an investment and, as such, ISVs need to be sure that they can get a good return on this. Also, for those that are new to the Cloud, it is too risky to dive into application development with little knowledge of some of the pitfalls that may become apparent.

What ISVs need is a Cloud partner that can work quickly so that they can release their products as quickly as possible, ensure a faster and larger return on investment.

As a recent whitepaper from Dot Net states: "Given the pace at which the market is changing, the speed at which organisations are able to develop and release Cloud-ready services and applications will play a significant part in their ability to achieve meaningful ROI. Whilst it's important not to rush the transitional migration process, it still represents a cost to the business."

It suggests that ISVs should look to Cloud partners that can provide agile development processes for adapting existing legacy applications into Cloud products and for services to be executed. This will ensure that time to market is minimised.

Getting the best from a Cloud partner is also dependent on the ability of ISVs to work with their needs to make sure the transition can occur faster. One of the main challenges they need to face is cutting down the size of the jobs they want doing into a number of smaller tasks.